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  • Production Tracking Software

    Customer & Supplier Tracking

    With the feature of adding unlimited customers and suppliers, no information on your company will be lost. Check your customers' statements, make mail and sms notifications.


    Track Your Stocks

    Track how much material is left in your inventory after your production or purchase of goods.


    Leave it to the Production Software according to the remaining materials in your warehouse. It also has the ability to report how much was spent on which material for you from production to production.


    Product Tracking

    Ürünlerinizin stokta ne kadar kaldığını görebilirsiniz. Bir ürünün üretilmesi için hangi malzemeler gerektiğini belirtebilir bu sayede size en verimli şekilde yardımcı olmamızı sağlayabilirsiniz.

    Manage Your Invoices

    Create an income or expense invoice from the items you specify for your customers. Pay or collect invoices and check the balance of the invoice. Get notified when there is no payment or collection on the invoice.